YouTube series seeks to change perception of Africa


YouTube documentary series My Africa Is follows innovative young
people in various sub-Saharan cities in Africa in an aim to share authentic stories
from the continent with the world.

Nosarieme Garrick, executive producer and host of the series told Southern California
Public Radio, “This was something I wanted to do in the form of video – to actually
show individuals living and what their realities were on the continent, things you
wouldn’t normally see.”

According to the My Africa Is website: “The four things that come to
mind when people think of Africa are population, problems, poverty, and promise
unfulfilled – headline media reports on the continent but that’s not the whole story.
Perspective changes everything. “

In the first season, the series focused on Nigeria. Now in its second season, viewers
are exposed to the West Coast of the continent and Senegal.

“It’s not about glossing over issues,” said Garrick. “But more so, instead of painting
pictures of victims, actually showing the real lives of what people are doing in spite of
all the issues that we might face on the continent.”

Visit the My Africa Is YouTube
or their website to view episodes.


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