Panasonic to launch Control Assist Camera


In March 2015, Panasonic will launch the Control Assist Camera (AW-HEA10) – a new remote camera accessory which enables quick and easy remote camera control, allowing the user to simply tap on the tablet screen where they want the camera to point.

The system speeds up long, remote camera movements and works in collaboration with joystick control, which can then be used to make small adjustments to the remote camera’s position.

The quick “tap’ technique means action won’t be missed by slow camera control, while IP image transmission can also be used to allow the user to roam with the tablet, and see areas which are out of the camera’s view.

Non-camera specialists can control navigation with the system, which opens up a variety of applications in conferencing and education. The simple operation means there is no need for specialist camera support, which results in reduced costs and more organisations being able to utilise a remote camera facility.

Panasonic partners VidiGo make software compatible with the system. VidiGo Live is an application used widely for online “visual radio’ content by radio stations.


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