SABC2 celebrates Heritage month with Rainbow Makers series


Rainbow Makers, a four-part series of educational and entertaining films
which highlight South Africa’s untold and most important heritage stories, will feature
on SABC2 at 20h00 every Sunday. The films are an initiative of the Ichikowitz Family
Foundation, through the African Oral History Archive (AOHA).

Produced by Emmy Award winner Mandy Jacobson, the series features exclusive
interviews with notable South African figures including activist and politician Winnie
Madikizela-Mandela, former politician Roelof Frederik “Pik” Botha and former president
Thabo Mbeki.

“Much of our history was politically sensitive, or subversive. Some of it has remained
hidden and even forgotten. AOHA was created as a global effort to record and
showcase the continent’s acclaimed or unknown history makers, giving unprecedented
access to all those who were at the heart of events that shaped South Africa’s modern
history,’ says Jacobson.

A Tribute to the Frontline States, which a airs on 14 September, tells the
story behind Walter, Max and Shaka Sisulu who were re-united after living apart in
exile for three decades.

Ten Year Tightrope: Rebels with a Cause, which airs on 21 September,
tells the story of leaders of the former National Party government, who turned their
backs on their history, traditions and belief systems.

In Plot for Peace, which airs on 28 September, businessman Jean-Yves
Ollivier exposes the untold story of how he helped broker changes which heavily
impacted a nation, while working against the backdrop of the Marxist and apartheid
regimes of Angola and South Africa.

The Foreign Minister, which airs on 5 October, features the story of Pik
Botha, who blatantly defended apartheid but was later actively involved in bringing it
down; making him one of the few ministers who survived to serve in both

“These narratives are the entry points for us, young and old, to embark on the
journey to know our past. The Rainbow Makers series pays tribute to
some of the champions that paved the way forward, towards the 20 Years of South
African Democracy we enjoy today,’ adds Jacobson.


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