Documentary explores China’s influence in Africa


People and Power, a current affairs programme which features on Al
Jazeera English (DStv channel 406) presents a two-part documentary titled
The Battle for Africa on the increase of Chinese business in Africa
and how it has influenced relationships between African governments and the

In part one (available to view on the Al Jazeera website) African journalist,
Sorious Samura travels to Kenya to find out what this means to Africans.
According to the Al Jazeera website, Samura says: “It did not take long to
establish that the Chinese have clearly offered African leaders an alternative, a
newly found independence from Western influence. Many Africans welcome this.
Some of our leaders are now becoming more vocally critical of the West – free to
say what would not have been said before – because of the inrush of money
and investment across the continent.’

However Samura finds that the continent is still struggling with tribalism, decent
leadership and good governance.

In part two, (available to view on the Al Jazeera website from 3 September)
Samura travels to Ghana and Botswana in search of countries which seem to
have found an effective system for good governance.

“This series, The Battle for Africa has taught me that as long as we
do not have good governments, as long as we keep voting governments that
keeps ruling only their tribes and parties instead of serving the national interest
of all the people (big or small tribes like the Ogiyek tribe which is almost
disappearing in Kenya), the African continent will know no peace and its people
will keep leaving their land for better opportunities elsewhere,’ concludes

Watch The Battle for Africa part one

The Battle for Africa part two will air on Al Jazeera English on 3
September at 22h30.

Visit the Al Jazeera website for
more information.


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