expands its African content offering

43, an internet based African entertainment content platform, has
diversified its viewing options to include international TV series and movies as
well as Hollywood, Bollywood, Telenovelas and Korean programming. The
platform currently has an extensive Nollywood catalogue of over 10,000 hours.

Jason Njoku, co-founder and CEO says, “We have been passionate
about bringing affordable content to viewers across Africa. This is just another
milestone towards that. Internet TV will enable hundreds of millions of fans
across the continent to finally be able to access awesome content.

“We see the web and mobile platform almost as equal to DTH and DTT platforms
in the next few years and our focus is on achieving this in Africa, supplying the
800-million strong population of Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) with the best content
on the planet, be it from Nollywood, Hollywood or Bollywood.’

The subscription service, which costs as little as $2,50 a month, provides
viewers with a diverse, ad-free selection of content and, in order to reduce
video streaming costs but retain high picture quality, all new content will
undergo advanced encoding, allowing files to be compressed.

This aligns with’s initiative to reduce piracy in Africa by providing
quality content which can be easily and legally acquired at an affordable price.

Njoku adds, “We polled thousands of users in SSA and 80%
indicated they didn’t have Pay TV access. We feel our audience complements
existing players and we are excited to be contributing to the Pay TV universe
across Africa. However, our audience combats challenges not faced by their
Western counterparts, such as a lack of constant electricity supplies to power
their mobile phones, laptops and tablets, so we have to design our products
within these parameters. We have spent the last three years understanding
how to address these challenges, as well as focussing on how to deliver
awesome, affordable and legal content in extreme bandwidth-light

While the company plans to expand its international library, there continues to
be a focus on delivering local content and ensuring that 50% of the
catalogue consists of home-grown films, TV series and documentaries.

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