Gauteng-focused youth television channel Fresh TV calls for proposals


Designed for the youth of Gauteng, newly established Fresh TV is a platform that aims to unify the young people of the province by offering them a “home’ where they can share their ideas and voice issues.

Mxolisi Batayi of Fresh TV says, “Despite the youth of Gauteng being diverse in terms of culture, religion, language and lifestyle, issues such as education, crime and unemployment affect everyone.’

“But although we as the youth have many difficulties, we have just as many accomplishments and opportunities,’ continues Batayi. “We live in an environment of social networks, cyber craze, fancy gadgets, cutting edge fashion and our very own lingo. This youth TV channel aims to be a true reflection of who we are, where we are and where we want to be.

“Fresh TV is here to provide a home for the youth of Gauteng, and aims to display our culture, subcultures, abilities, challenges and achievements,’ concludes Batayi.

The channel requests proposals for new TV shows from young and aspiring producers and production companies. Programmes that are ready as pilots can be submitted in the following categories:

1. Entertainment (including game shows)
2. Religion
3. Magazine show
4. Reality teen shows
5. Education

Contact for more details and to submit proposals.

The closing date for submissions is on Thursday 24 April at 18h00.


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