Television viewing experiences a generation divide


Research conducted by Verizon Digital Media Services on the distribution of television viewing has revealed a number of differences among millennial and non-millennial audiences.

While it was discovered that 59% of viewing by the contingent of millennials, which comprised of 800 people aged between 16 and 34, is done via online platforms (34%), Digital Video Recorders (15%) and on-demand services (10%); 59% of viewing by the non-millennial group, which comprised of 200 people aged between 35 and 64, is primarily done via live TV, Digital Video Recorders (17%) as well as online and on-demand platforms (12%).

Reports on preferred devices used to view programming also revealed some discrepancies between the generations; with 68% of millennials selecting laptops as the best way to view content, followed by desktops, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. The majority of non-millennials (52%) preferred desktops followed by laptops and tablets.

In the pay-TV sphere, it seems that there is active engagement from both millennials, of which 87% subscribe to pay-TV services, as well as non- millennials, of which 91% are subscribers.

Visit the Verizon Digital Media Services website to view the full report.


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