TCS Skquattro camera pedestals for live telecast


Squattro tracking camera support systems from The Camera Store (TCS), a Vitec
Group company, captured the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) highly acclaimed
production of Richard II in Stratford-on-Avon on Wednesday 13 November.

The play was televised live to 346 cinemas across Britain and will be relayed as
encore screenings to cinemas around the world.

RSC artistic director Gregory Doran directed David Tennant in the title role with Jane
Lapotaire as the Duchess of Gloucester, Emma Hamilton as the Queen, Oliver Ford
Davies as the Duke of York, Michael Pennington as John of Gaunt and Nigel Lindsay
as Bolingbroke.

“The camera script, prepared by screen director Robin Lough, made the TCS
Skquattro pedestals essential,” comments senior cameraman Paul Freeman. “The
theatre’s main stage extends into the auditorium on an 11.5 x 7.5 metre forward-
thrust platform. This created the opportunity of televising the production, in front of
a live audience, from all three sides provided we could meet the challenge of keeping
the cameras out of sight in relation to each other.”

Freeman continues: “The Skquattro pedestals allow a fantastic range of camera
movement including the freedom to crane up from very low angles and achieve very
steady and dramatic close shots. The front Skquatrro faced square on to the stage
and handled all the left to right tracking shots under the control of a cameraman and
“Right- and left-side Skquattros were moved along their respective tracks by their
cameramen to achieve the correct angles when the action moved up or down the
thrust. Tracks were essential as traditional wheeled camera mounts are not intended
for use on theatre auditorium floors.”

“The Skqattro is unique and made possible a huge variety of angles and dynamics. It
is ideal for capturing live theatre to big screen cinema where smooth and stable
shooting is even more important that on modern large-screen home television. The
production schedule was tight but the results were fantastic,’ concludes Freeman.

Sony HD cameras mounted on the TCS Skquattro tracking pedestals were cabled to
a Telegenic outside broadcast truck and then transmitted live to the 346 UK


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