SA short wins US award


South African short, Kanye Kanye, has won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short
Film at the 49th Chicago International Film Festival in the USA.

Inspired by the Dr Seuss children’s book, The Sneetches, the film is a township fairytale
about two characters divided by preconceived notions. When the two fall in love despite
an age-old feud, they devise a way to overcome community segregation.

Says film director Miklas Manneke: “The fact is Kanye Kanye was always going to be
based in South Africa’s racially divided history. I felt from the beginning that the way an
international audience sees South African township stories has always been negative,
crime, poverty, violence and all of that.

“People are born there, they learn to live there, they learn to love there, and many of
them are happy there and that’s the story we wanted to tell.’

View the trailer at


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