Gary the Tooth Fairy returns


Launched in mid-August, a new ad campaign for M-Net written, directed and performed by Bevan Cullinan sees the return of fictional character Gary the Tooth Fairy.

In the latest television commercial, Gary attempts to provide viewers with alternative entertainment through his misguided channel “GaryNet’. Convinced that he can do a better job executing the material than the original movies showcased on M-Net, Gary slates movies such as Black Swan, Transformers and American Beauty.

Pierre Cloete, director of M-Net Channels, said: “M-Net appreciates Gary the Tooth Fairy’s spirit and to see his inspiration and passion coming out of the entertainment we provide is a huge compliment to M-Net. Allowing Gary to “fly’ on M-Net is helping viewers to really see when something is truly ’magic’.”

The character, Gary the Tooth Fairy, has more than 180,000 followers on Facebook, and has been well received by South African audiences.

Gayle Craig, creative director at Clearwater has been part of the project since 2009and said: “When Clearwater approached Bevan to create the character we had no idea the strength of the bond Gary would form with the M-Net brand and its viewers.”

In addition to the advert, producer Graham Black and Cullinan have compiled a behind-the-scenes look at the two-day shoot.

More material from the campaign will be launched in November.

Watch the ad at

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage at


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