Cybercrime and cyber war discussed


Redi Tlhabi chats about cybercrime on Al Jazeera’s global talk show South 2 North on Friday 14 June 2013. Her guests are Misha Glenny, author of DarkMarket: How Hackers Became The New Mafia, Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst Applied Research and Stieler van Eeden, director of information security services at Exactech who is most famous for hacking into the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  

“The security industry against cybercrime is worth US$110b, excluding Russia and China,’ says Redi. She will discuss the First Worldwide Carders Conference; the USA accusing China of a state-sponsored cyber attack against The New York Times earlier this year; and the global cyber-arms race, currently led by Israel and the USA.  

How can we understand the threats of cybercrime, cyber war and cyber industrial espionage? Who are the criminals? How can people protect their businesses, their children and themselves against cyber crimes? And why are there so few female hackers?

These important questions are answered on this week’s episode which premieres at 19h30 GMT on Friday and also screens on Saturday at 14h30, Sunday at 04h30 and Monday at 08h30.

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