Survivor: Redemption Island on SABC3


Survivor: Redemption Island is the 22nd season of the Emmy Award-winning reality
television series, which screens at 20h30 from Monday 3 June 2013 on SABC3.

Sixteen new castaways are joined by returning contestants ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano and
Russel Hantz and contestants are divided into the tribes Ometepe and Zapatera.

‘Redemption Island’ refers to a secluded location where players who are voted out go
to compete in challenges for an opportunity to re-enter the game.

The castaways are:

Francesca Hogi, an attorney from Washington D.C (36)
Matt Elrod, a pre-med student from Nashville, Tennessee (22)
Kristina Kell, a law student from Malibu, California (46)
Grant Mattos, a yoga instructor from West Hollywood, California (29)
Andrea Boehlke, a student from Random Lake, Wisconsin (21)
Ashley Underwood, a nurse from Benton, Maine (25)
Natalie Tenerelli, a professional dancer from Acton, California (19)
Phillip Sheppard, a technology executive from Santa Monica, California (52)

Krista Klumpp, a pharmaceutical rep from Columbia, South Carolina (25)
Stephanie Valencia, a waitress from Long Beach, California (26)
Sarita White, a visual effects producer from Santa Monica, California (36)
David Murphy, a defence attorney from West Hollywood, California (31)
Julie Wolfe, a fire fighter from Oceanside, California (50)
Steve Wright, a former NFL player from Huntington Beach, California (51)
Ralph Kiser, a farmer from Lebanon, Virginia (45)
Mike Chiesl, a former marine from Del Mar, California (31)

Let the games begin!


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