Editing software for radio


Lawo has broadened its product range with the launch of EDIT, a software solution for radio production that reflects the know-how accumulated in over 40 years of developing high-quality audio equipment. EDIT offers high quality, absolute stability, development geared to today’s production environment, and first-class support assured by experienced users.

This software is a powerful tool for the generation of the full spectrum of editorial content in radio broadcasting. Whether reporting, interviews, or the creation and continuous updating of recurring pieces, EDIT offers a dedicated toolkit for each task.

With its clever system of user guidance and variety of working modes, EDIT ensures production tasks proceed more swiftly and efficiently. The software also reconciles an intuitive user interface with operating philosophies now prevalent in the radio sector and is easily adapted to the personal preferences of users.

EDIT boasts a whole array of sophisticated features, such as the innovative voiceover production solution Reporter Box or the simultaneous use of multiple data formats in one and the same project. Audio signal processing of reference quality is assured by native integrated sound processors from the mc² mixing console series. Also included is a loudness function in accordance with EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 that can be used not only for real-time metering, but also for the loudness analysis of archive material (whether clips or entire takes).

The software can be used with the full range of commonly encountered audio hardware as well as being fully compatible through its standardised interfaces with database solutions in the radio sector. Various versions of the program are available for different areas of application.


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