Filmmakers wanted for religious doccie


WNET New York Public Media seeks filmmakers from around the world to contribute to Sacred, a major new documentary movie about the world’s religions.

Production is about to begin on this new documentary film that will take viewers on a journey through 365 days of religious life on earth.

All filmmakers are welcome to become a part of Sacred’s global network. WNET New York Public Media is looking for professional filmmakers to provide dramatic, uplifting footage of religious events ranging from well-known holy days in major cities to lesser known events in isolated places.

WNET New York Public Media would like to hear from filmmakers about any event, whether it be personal or public, small or large – that can be referred to as “sacred’. Selected filmmakers will be commissioned to help capture the moments from every religious tradition in every nation on earth, as Sacred intends to be the ultimate portrait of religious life.

In addition to footage from professional filmmakers, WNET New York Public Media will welcome footage from anyone who wants to film an event that is “sacred’ to him or her. Every person whose footage is selected for the documentary will receive a stipend and onscreen recognition.

Beginning on 21 June 2013, the shooting period will coincide with the solar year, ending 365 days later on the following summer solstice on 21 June 2014. By using the solar year, Sacred’s producers will capture a year of rites, rituals and holidays without singling out any one religion.

Filmmakers can apply and find out more about the film by visiting


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