Comedy show back for final season


Ben (Robert Lindsay), a disgruntled dentist, and his wife Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) have three children, Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe), Nick (Kris Marshall) and Michael (Gabriel Thomson). Although Ben does his best to understand his wife and children, he does not succeed.

Susan is a bit of a control freak, Nick sponges off his family, Janey’s life revolves around high fashion (she has a son named Kenzo), while Michael is a bright teenager with an interest in military matters.

Roger Bailey (Kieron Self) becomes a regular visitor at the Harper household after Susan’s niece Abi (Siobhan Hayes), who is accident-prone, comes to stay with the family.

Ben is the first to admit that “it’s not that I don’t like my children, it’s just that I’m frightened of them’.

The eleventh and last season of My Family shows from Monday 18 February on SABC3 at 21h00.


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