Screening the Berlinale


Doremi, a leader in digital cinema technology, is the official supplier of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). The company is providing 20 sets of equipment to support projections at the festival in 2D and 3D, and in 2K and 4K resolutions.

At Berlinale 2013 the Doremi equipment includes two types of digital cinema servers, the DCP-2000 and the Integrated Media Block (IMB)/ ShowVault.

Ove Sander, technical manager of Digital Cinema at the Berlinale says: “We are very excited to have Doremi as a new partner for Digital Cinema this year. Its server products are used by the majority of cinemas that we use for the festival, so being able to also equip our temporary venues, such as the Berlinale Palast, with these systems makes the management and planning of our infrastructure a lot easier.

The Doremi ShowVaults can easily be integrated into our fibre network, so for the first time the Berlinale will transfer DCPs directly via this high-speed network into the different venues.”

With 25 years’ experience, Doremi has worked with many major international festivals. Doremi servers have earned a reputation for efficiency and reliability, and are the most installed and widely used cinema servers worldwide. The IMB & ShowVault solution includes features to provide efficient operation for the latest cinema requirements. These include a double 3G SDI input, an HDMI input with HDCP and HDMI 3D connections as well as support for 4K and 48/60fps high frame rate (HFR) screenings.

The video input can be powered via PCI Express, HDMI and SDI connections, and the use of just one RJ45 audio output helps to simplify the cabling. The IMB can de-interlace 1080i inputs, and outputs all formats in native XYZ colorspace, so avoiding the need to change projector settings when switching between DCI movies and television footage.


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