Leading display technology


RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana recently made a substantial investment in Sony’s
OLED display monitors for use in its production and post-production operations.
In one of the largest endorsements of Sony’s cutting-edge TRIMASTER EL
technology, with Sony the winner of a public tender to supply 1 105 monitors to
RAI over a three-year period. Sony’s OLED technology qualified for the tender
thanks to its exceptional colour reproduction, unprecedented black levels and
rapid image refresh rate.

OLED is the leading display technology and Sony’s prominent position in this
market demonstrates its ability to deliver innovative technology at an affordable
price. All of Sony’s OLED displays come with its market leading TRIMASTER EL
technology, providing a higher processing capability that allows users to benefit
from the incredible image quality that OLED has to offer. With other benefits
including deep blacks with a high dynamic range, blur-free image motion, wide
colour gamut and accurate picture reproduction, Sony’s TRIMASTER EL OLED
monitors provide a superior visual experience to CRT and LCD monitors.

Benito Mari, country sales manager Media Solutions, Sony Professional, says:
“We’re really excited to be working with RAI and are delighted with the positive
feedback we received following independent technical tests they carried out
before working with us. This announcement cements our position as the leading
manufacturer of professional displays and demonstrates our continued focus on
producing monitors of the highest possible standard through constant

Ubaldo Toni, head of Engineering TV Production Department at RAI, commented:
“The rapid evolution of display technology requires people to make informed
choices based on identifying the right balance between technical performance,
technological sustainability over time and return on investment. Sony’s OLED
technology fully meets these three criteria and allows RAI to maintain the
technological leadership that has always characterised the company.’


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