4K dual projection in Cologne


Kinoton has installed two 4K dual projection systems in the Cinedom in Cologne to ensure a brilliant 3D movie experience in XXL format (on screens that are 22m and 19m wide). This has optimally met the prerequisites for showing the first ever film produced in High Frame Rate (HFR), namely The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Peter Jackson’s movie can currently be enjoyed in both auditoriums with a high bit rate and 3D dual projection in unprecedented visual and audio quality.

The high-end Kinoton DCS Digital Cinema Solution includes two dual projection systems, each consisting of two DCP 30 LX II – 4K projectors. One projector of each pair shows the image corresponding to the left eye, while the other projects the image for the right eye – with maximum resolution and image sharpness. The new HFR technology, with 48 instead of the usual 24 frames per second, delivers a powerful cinematic experience in XXL 3D, including rapid movements.

Kinoton has also equipped two other auditoriums of the Cinedom with individual projectors of the types DCP 30 LX II – 4K and DCP 30 LX II – 2K. Consequently, the theatre now boasts 4K format (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) in three auditoriums. All of the DCP projectors feature 3D systems from Dolby. The projectors are based on projection technology provided by Barco. 1.38-inch 4K or 1.2-inch 2K DLP Cinema series II technology from Texas Instruments ensures highly precise colour reproduction and fantastic contrast.

The DCP projectors are already equipped with an IMB (Internal Media Block). This feature guarantees excellent reproduction of 4K material while supporting 2K Higher Frame Rates (HFR) to additionally enhance the picture quality with 3D content and rapid movements. Two high-end sound systems, also installed by Kinoton, are based on the established Dolby Surround 7.1 technology for appropriately exquisite audio enjoyment to match.

The Cinedom in Cologne is Germany’s fifth largest multiplex cinema, with a total of 14 auditoriums.


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