Why Poverty&#63 Day supports cross-media event


EUROVISION’s Why Poverty? Day will take place on 29 November 2012 to support the issue of poverty, highlighted by the unprecedented global media project initiated by the non-profit organisation Steps International. In cooperation with the BBC and Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), Steps has commissioned award-winning filmmakers to produce eight documentaries about poverty, and new and emerging talents to make around 30 short films.

The films tell compelling and inspiring stories of people combating dire poverty. They will be broadcast around the world in November through a unique combination of partnerships with broadcasters, digital media platforms and community organisations to over 70 national broadcasters. Cape Town-based Don Edkins is the series producer.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) director general Ingrid Deltenre says public service media (PSM) provide an essential platform for solidarity and diversity in programming. “Eurovision’s Why Poverty? Day illustrates the strengths of PSM. It brings together audiences from all aspects of society to debate fundamental issues affecting the economic and social situations that families face today.’

EUROVISION’s Why Poverty? Day initiative was announced by Anna Vasova, who is one of the project leaders, during a press conference at the MIPCOM content market in Cannes this week.

“EUROVISION is proud to be associated with an unprecedented global media response tackling the issues around poverty,” said Vasova. “We have worked closely with EBU Members to ensure that PSM everywhere commit to the project.’

In addition to coordinating a special line-up of programmes, expert debates and educational events, EUROVISION will encourage its Members to participate in a day of themed programming on 29 November.

Why Poverty? is Steps’ third world-wide collaboration and follows the award winning successes of Why Democracy? (2007) and Steps for the Future (2001).


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