New season of local tech series for teens


Technorati 2.0 will start on SABC3 on Saturday 20 October at 08h52. The 26-episode local science and technology series is aimed at teenagers.

A statement reads: “There are computer-savvy teenagers and then there are the Technorati… The Technorati are a group of three energetic, dynamic and super-clued up teenagers who have teamed up to not only follow tech trends, but also create them.’

The trio consists of Luke ‘The Jock’ Gordon, Justin ‘The Prankster’ Swartz and for the third season they are introducing a new member of the tech team, Lerato “The Brainiac’ Mohlabane.

The show’s mission is to educate and entertain while inspiring the next generation of trendsetters, computer scientists and mega-cool-innovators.

During the week, between classes and homework the Technorati scour the city, television shows, social networks, the headline news and online portholes for the latest and greatest gizmo’s, gadgets and innovations.

Each planning session is where we will join them during their online video chats. Each member of the Technorati will take over the screen and introduce viewers to what they have explored during the week regarding the subject the team decided on.

They will share links, discuss ideas, “insert’ video snippets and relay information, while taking part in larger than life reality style challenges.


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