Speedy ad scores interactive first


Joburg agency Ireland Davenport had viewers looking twice when they aired their
ground breaking new television commercial for the new BMW M5.

The challenge was to create an ad as innovative as the M5 as well as demonstrate
the car’s blistering speed. Ireland Davenport’s approach was to create a speeded-up
version of an ad where the images of the car and scenery are too fast to take
everything in at first sight. Using the mechanism of replaying television footage on
personal video recorder (PVR) decoders, viewers were then encouraged to view the
commercial again at a slower speed, all the better to appreciate the M5. The
interactive nature of this ad makes it a first in South Africa.

Originally conceptualising a print campaign for the M5, copywriter Jenna Smith says
the idea to do this on television meant the budget was quite limiting, therefore
existing international footage was used for the ad. That much of that footage was
clearly shot in the Cape Town area was a bonus.

“The biggest challenge we faced was definitely the DStv PVR mechanism,’ says Smith.
“It was quite tricky to get the timing right and still ensure that we kept the right
balance of not really being able to see the M5 while the ad played at real time, and
then revealing the details which make this car so iconic and unique when the ad is
played back in slow motion.’

Response to the ad has been markedly good, inspiring various Internet articles and
thousands of posts on Twitter and other social media platforms. Viewer response has
apparently been as good.

“People’s reactions towards this interactive and innovative kind of advertising have
been very positive and encouraging,’ says Smith. “I think they thoroughly enjoyed the
fact that we found a new and fun way of communicating with them.’


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