LaserNet Introduces VidyoCast for Broadcast Production in the Cloud


The primary benefits of the cloud-based approach are cost-savings and more operational flexibility, without sacrificing quality. Vidyo believes that by using IP networks instead of typical satellite transmission, broadcasters can save up to 90% of their typical costs. VidyoCast is also being positioned as a backup solution, particularly in situations where typical broadcast backup isn’t feasible or is cost prohibitive. VidyoCast is meant to easily integrate into incumbent broadcast infrastructure.

VidyoCast™ improves live television production by delivering and managing broadcast-quality feeds over virtually any network. Collective Dream Studios in Cape Town are implementing a complete cloud based live production workflow. With unprecedented ease, bureaus, reporters, guests and newsmakers are brought on air with a new low latency H.264-SVC encoder.

New production tools bring multiple parties on screen live, on air and during story production. Reporters get to the heart of issues faster and produce more visually interesting stories. Producers see their own multiviews on desktops or laptops. Master Control Rooms have new tools. Editing review is faster. Bandwidth and video quality are optimized by our VidyoRouter, which also manages point-to-multipoint distribution.

Across many areas of operations, VidyoCast enhances your on air look, and improves your bottom line.

As the graphic below shows, VidyoCast is aiming to be a total solution, including remote contribution from any IP-connected source, central production control and HD distribution to affiliates. VidyoCast is built on Vidyo’s underlying H.264-Scalable Video Encoding compliant technology. The new LaserNet offering is another example of how broadband video delivery is changing traditional approaches, driving down costs and enhancing flexibility. Collective Dream Studios now have the ability to receive live content or transmit live content into the LaserNet Broadcast Cloud for distribution to broadcasters or affiliates.

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