Seventh season of Kaelo – Stories of Hope


Kaelo – Stories of Hope returns to on Tuesday 3 July in the 5.30pm time slot, aiming to take viewers on an inspiring journey highlighting social change in South Africa and how companies, communities and the public sector are working together for a brighter future.

The 26-part series will tell stories ranging from empowering young women to lead the way to providing technology solutions to learners in far flung rural schools, shedding light on the pressing social issues and challenges facing ordinary South Africans everyday while highlighting the action companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and government are taking to address them.

Sponsored by the Telkom Foundation and BHP Billiton, Kaelo is designed to inform and inspire by showcasing best practices combined with a unique story telling approach.

“We have also enhanced the format of the show slightly to provide greater context and insight into each compelling story,’ says Sarah Campbell, managing director of Kaelo Engage, the producers and creators of Kaelo-Stories of Hope. “In each episode we now feature two stories, spending valuable time unpacking the social development context and highlighting the best practices which could be replicated by other companies, communities or organisations.’’s enigmatic Joel Zuma will again present the show on-location, bringing his unique down to earth presenting style and understanding of community issues to each and every story. From painting a school to helping learners with their science experiments, Joel will be hands-on with each and every cause bringing it closer to home for viewers.

“We are thrilled to be working with Joel again on this new series. I have no doubt that his immense popularity with viewers as well as his innate ability to illuminate and bring context to the social issues facing South Africans today will once again prove to be of inestimable value to Kaelo-Stories of Hope and’s audience,’ says Campbell.

Monde Twala,’s channel head says “We are excited about Kaelo-Stories of Hope being on our line up again. This show gives us a chance to give back and reflects the channels commitment to social development in South Africa.’

As good corporate citizenship is becoming increasingly important and a core component of business sustainability and employee loyalty, the Kaelo-Stories of Hope series provides a platform for companies to build their corporate reputations, share best practices and showcase their corporate social investment initiatives. Over the years, more than 100 corporates and a number of government social development programmes have been showcased on the platform with over 500 inserts having been filmed and produced during the seven years of the platform’s existence. 

“Kaelo-Stories of Hope will be a weekly show for anyone who cares about the future of the country. Focusing on social development viewers will be given backstage pass to watch social transformation unfold in the communities we visit. The show is dynamic, fun and informative and we will actively engage the viewer with a blend of relevant commentary on social development and the social media,’ says Campbell. 

The Kaelo-Stories of Hope TV show is part of a broader multimedia platform consisting of a coffee table book, a series of networking conferences, publicity and online and social media elements.

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