Til Death season four on SABC3


In season four of US sitcom “Til Death, starting on SABC3 on Monday 28 May at 9pm, Eddie and Joy are about to find that even though they have survived everything life has thrown at them during 23 years of marriage, some of their biggest challenges are still looming on the horizon.

Like many Americans in the current economic climate, Joy (Joely Fisher) finds herself unemployed when the travel agency she works for suddenly turns into a sandwich shop. Unexpectedly forced to embark on a hilarious journey of self-discovery, Joy finds herself working in a variety of jobs – including working at the high school where her husband teaches, proving that sometimes it really is impossible not to take your work home with you.

And the added tension of having his wife in the workplace is exactly what Eddie (Brad Garrett) does not need. The high school history teacher now finds himself working for Principal Duffy (guest star Kathleen Rose Perkins), a former student who Eddie humiliated in class and is now determined to make his professional life as miserable as possible. As a result, he finds himself taking refuge in his writing, with his love of zeppelins (specifically The Hindenburg) fuelling a passion for crafting a great historical work—only to find the project at odds with the vision of his book publisher, Miles Tunnacliff (guest star Richard Lewis).

Meanwhile, on the home front, Eddie and Joy continue to find their cynical and sarcastic relationship measured against the relationship of a younger, happier couple—only this time, it is all-in-the-family! The Starks’ twenty-something daughter Ally (Lindsey Broad) and her tree-hugging partner Doug (Timm Sharp) return from Ecuador and are soon camping outside their home. The only thing more annoying than Doug’s overbearing insistence on living an eco-friendly lifestyle is the fact that now he’s actually a legitimate member of the family: he and Ally are married, and soon expecting a child. 

As they continue to humorously shine a light on the situations encompassing many middle-class Americans, Eddie and Joy find themselves somewhere between “80s rock band concerts, retirement and becoming grandparents.


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