Design gets its day


As American architect Louis Sullivan once said: “Form ever follows function’ – a mantra religiously followed by the most successful designers. This was at the core of the recent Design Indaba in Cape Town, where some of the most remarkable designers in the world expounded on their philosophies and projects to the event’s largest audience yet.

The function of design relates ever more to the people that benefit from it and, as social media has shaped our awareness of the world, designers are putting humanity first and letting their work take form around it. One could say it is a tipping point that affects the way we communicate with audiences through design and media. It is about attracting people by being more accessible, relevant, honest and involving.

Arguably the most remarkable presentations at Design Indaba were those given by architects who pointed out that just 1% of modern urban structures are designed by architects and, seeing the need to solve the housing crisis of the “99%’, many architects and urban planners have taken it upon themselves to come up with solutions that benefit slum dwellers and the urban environment as a whole.

By Anton Crone

Screen Africa magazine- May 2012


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