Entry level storage option


SeaChange International’s Broadcast group has added an entry-level series to its
Universal MediaLibrary product line. To debut at NAB, the new Universal MediaLibrary
E-series will be available in 16TB, 32TB, and 48TB capacities, bringing unprecedented
benefits to digital media workflows. Each of the three storage variations will be
housed in an economical 3RU chassis.

The Universal MediaLibrary E-series is an entry-level storage infrastructure that aims
to achieve the performance and reliability of large enterprise storage and the
flexibility of small- to medium-sized systems. It can support up to 3TB x 16 drives,
hence the maximum 48TB capacity in a mere 3RU footprint. Along with the high-
capacity drives, a pair of high-availability controllers is housed in the same rackable
3RU chassis. The system performance is enhanced by load balancing and protected
by RAID 6.

Universal MediaLibrary is the only enterprise storage system that provides
simultaneous NAS and SAN access, a capability that is also available in the entry-
level UML E-series. Through the E-series, the UML now supports Fibre Channel
connection, giving operators additional flexibility in their storage infrastructure. Fibre
Channel. iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, and FTP files are accessed without reconfigurations or

The Universal MediaLibrary is unique in being able to support real-time play-to-air,
high-performance production, and media factory applications, giving operators the
ability to maximize the value of their storage investment and at the same time
simplify their workflow.

The large-capacity Universal MediaLibrary is now labeled the T-series, positioned at
the top end of the UML product line. The UML T-series has been scaled up to
support 216TB in 5RU with 3TB drives – the highest density in the market – and
enhanced with new Fibre Channel support to its existing 10G iSCSI and NAS access.
Both storage lines will be demonstrated at the NAB 2012.

SeaChange is represented in South Africa by Jasco Broadcast Solutions

Screen Africa magazine – May 2012


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