Optimising workflows in post


With the support of the ALEXA ARRIRAW format, DVS not only expands CLIPSTER’s portfolio of supported file formats but also offers additional flexibility. Thanks to its unique hardware platform and its specially developed hardware accelerator, CLIPSTER enables the real-time debayering of ALEXA RAW material in high quality.

The RAW content can be directly displayed and edited in the timeline and played out as well. CLIPSTER creates a single timeline from the RAW material and carries out decoding and demosaicing in real time up to 4K. The CLIPSTER Conforming Tool easily manages and conforms all data. The fast data transfer between the ARRI ALEXA and the DI workstation results in significant time savings for editors and colourists.

Says Stefan Albertz, product manager at DVS: “The certified ARRIRAW integration helps our customers realise even more efficient DI workflows with ARRIRAW content at an unprecedented level. Our joint solution considers the individual needs and requirements of post production workflows and ensures sustainable performance in the DI process – without accepting any compromises at the expense of quality.’


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