Wireless in the newsroom


The latest version OCTOPUS6 supports two popular mobile platforms, smart phones and tablet computers. Each allows increased mobility and connectivity so newsmakers can work more efficiently, effectively and with the freedom of no wires.

To be introduced at NAB in Las Vegas, the innovative OCTOPUS Tablet offers tablet-based operation for OCTOPUS6, making specific live information from the newsroom system available on iPads and Android tablets. This is designed to provide studio floor personnel, including the anchor, with the fully up-to-date information they need to run the news on-air.

OCTOPUS Tablet is a tablet client for the established OCTOPUS6. It makes available a selection of live data from the newsroom system that is vital for many areas of the news operation including those on the studio floor, the director and anchor. Three screens; Rundown (view), Anchor (view) and Media (view) show the live status of these three areas that are forever changing as the news evolves. These display the latest versions direct from the newsroom system, of the rundown, the anchor’s script and available media in the form of graphics and video footage. When information in these areas is updated in the newsroom system so are the three tablet views, keeping everyone everywhere in the studio up to date and in-step with the news.

This new product adds to OCTOPUS Newsroom’s mobility that started with OCTOPUS Mobile for iPhone and smart phones on the Android platform – integrating mobile devices into the news workflow. It allows journalists to work on their stories in the field with just a phone in their hands. Today, this application offers the most efficient tool for news production for low costs and fast results. With OCTOPUS Mobile just one journalist equipped with his mobile phone can cover an entire story from anywhere there is a suitable mobile phone service.

OCTOPUS Mobile is an offline/online client that can be used in places with no Internet connection or when preparing a story on the go. Journalists can browse wires, write a story, add video, pictures, sound, etc. When finished, the story is simply sent to OCTOPUS6.


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