Sudanese films to screen in US


MARTIN CHEMHERE writes…Sudanese director Taghreed Elsanhouri’s films Our Beloved Sudan and Sudan in Two have been selected to participate as video installations in the internationally acclaimed Lines of Control exhibition in Ithaca, New York.

The event will be launched on 21 January at the John F Herbert Museum at Cornell University.

Our Beloved Sudan first screened at the 2011 Dubai International Film Festival where it received a ‘very warm’ welcome. Viewers responded to the ‘nuance’ in the love / hate relationship between the north and south regions of Sudan.

The film documents the political destiny of the Sudanese nation – from its birth in 1956 to its eventual partition in 2011. Elsanhouri juxtaposes a personal narrative with a larger social commentary.

“Audiences in Dubai were keen to know how long it took me to make the film,’ she says.  

Elsanhouri believes that the festival circuit is crucial to any filmmaker to gauge the reaction of peers and professional critics.

“Festivals also assist in forging commercial and creative links and partnerships in addition to bringing together like-minded people. In Dubai I met Mohamad Khan of Egypt and the UK’s Donald Ranvaud,’ she notes.

Elsanhouri’s mission is to ensure that each new film is better than the previous one. “All the experiences I encounter in my professional life are channeled towards growing creatively and professionally and to make the best possible films I can.’


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