New season of Culture Shock on Mzansi Magic


Mzansi Magic has announced that entries are now open for a new season of South African reality television show Culture Shock.

According to a press statement, the series will see members of two families from completely diverse backgrounds swop places for five days in a fascinating cultural exchange.

The results of this exchange are entirely unpredictable, as South Africans grapple with another culture that is alien to theirs – and, hopefully, see where the points of similarity lie in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

“We’re really excited about what lies ahead for Culture Shock,’ says Mzansi Magic commissioning editor Nirvana Singh.

“We all know that the Rainbow Nation is as multi-cultural as it gets – and there are times, like during the 2010 World Cup or the recent Rugby World Cup, when you feel a real coming together of all citizens.

“But the reality is that many people find it hard to accept the traditions and practices of a culture that’s different to theirs and Culture Shock aims to put that in the spotlight, through a highly entertaining reality television that may just bring us all closer together.’

Spread over 18 one-hour episodes, Culture Shock focuses on two different families in each episode, tracking how well (or not) two members from each of the families assimilate into a family with a polar opposite cultural background.

During the first two days, the visiting family must adhere to exactly the same rules and lifestyle of the host family and the rules laid out by the member they are replacing. Each departing member of the family leaves a house manual, which explains his or her role in the family and the duties they hold.

During the second half of the show, the visiting family is allowed to establish their own rules, and their new families must adhere to these new household rules.

Entry is now open till Friday 27 January 2012 for families comprised of a Mom, Dad, and minimum of two kids or any two adults with a minimum of two kids living as a family unit. A total of 36 families will be selected for the upcoming season of this uniquely South African reality television show.

To be a part of Culture Shock contestants can enter online []; or download and email the entry form  as well as via fax 0865213321.


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