SABC1 CSI initiative


SABC1 has joined forces with a number of non-profit organizations, African Youth Alive (AYA), Touch Africa Rehabilitation and Red Cherry Media Holdings, in an attempt to improve the lives of thousands of South Africans from previously disadvantaged areas. 

Starting on Thursday 1 December 2011, in honour of World Aids Day, viewers will see the first of many heart-warming stories of successful projects through the efforts of AYA, Touch Africa, corporate South Africa and SABC 1’s new CSI platform –All for One, One for All.

AYA is a non-profit organisation that operates in Southern Africa with global partnerships. It’s an initiative that brings together young people from various backgrounds who work together to make a difference in their communities and surroundings.  The work done by the organisation encourages youth volunteerism.  This encourages a spirit of giving and understanding amongst the youth.  Through the volunteer programme thousands of young people are becoming agents of positive social change. AYA’s focus is on youth development, youth & healthy living, education and welfare. 

AYA has formed a partnership with SABC 1’s All for One, One for All campaign which will allow the organisation and its donor partners to reach millions of young people across the country, raising awareness of programmes, increasing the number of volunteers and attracting much needed funding through the involvement of corporate business. AYA joined forces with Red Cherry Media’s sister company Touch Africa Rehabilitation, who are responsible for the roll out of all projects requiring infrastructure development.

SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho reaches 26 million viewers per week. The channel prides itself in being the biggest generator of local content, delivering compelling content that informs, entertains and inspires. “Under the new banner – SABC1, All for One, One for All – we are reaching out to our communities by playing a meaningful role in support of both youth and community development, focusing on issues of education, health, unemployment, poverty alleviation, women empowerment and, the environment,’ reads a statement from SABC1.

“SABC1, All for One, One for All represents the channel’s renewed commitment to realising our social goodwill and corporate responsibility initiatives, towards contributing to the upliftment of communities we are involved with. The collaboration with African Youth Alive (AYA) is one of the many strategic partnerships we will be embarking on to drive future projects and campaigns,’ says Vukile Madlala, the Channel’s publicity manager.

The first donor partnership to take place on this platform is AVBOB who invested in an HIV/AIDS programme based in Olievenhoutbosch and run by the Centurion Council for the Aged.  The project provides counselling for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  There are more than 55,000 people affected by the disease in Olievenhoutbosch which has a population of 75,000 people.

AVBOB’s donation has provided the project with a brand new sewing centre, where the more than 30 ladies will now be able to work on the handcrafts they make for re-sale.  A newly refurbished wooden structure will now be used for counselling and training of the community.  A large covered deck area will be home for waiting patients and young children, who have also been provided with toys and educational material.  The venue is now safe, warm and protected from the elements.

Louis Lewis, AVBOB’s group general manager – Marketing & Operations said at the handover of the project on 28 November: “We are proud to be associated with this worthy project.  We have previously invested in this area and will continue to assist this community and the HIV/AIDS project which plays a vital role in the community. Our relationship with the Centurion Council for Aged is important to us and our faith and trust in Dr Elma Kruger, director and social worker for the council, means that we know that our investment in the community will be maintained and sustained long into the future’.

Dr Elma Kruger commented: “what AVBOB, AYA and Touch Africa have been able to provide for us has made a dream come true.  We will now be in a position to improve and increase our services into the community.  We are very grateful and our aged grandmothers are very excited to have this facility and are looking forward to producing many wonderful sewing projects in order to raise funding for the group’.


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