eNews off air due to ‘DStv error’


eNews has apologised to viewers after being off air for 47 minutes on DStv on Monday 24 October.

In a statement, eNews said that a signal failure to DStv occurred at approximately 2:08pm, which resulted in a freeze frame on air. 

“A second redundant line to DStv was operational, but engineers at DStv were unable to switch over immediately. Usually the switch over to the second signal would take only a few seconds, or minutes at most. DStv regrettably took longer than expected to switch over,’ said Rob Brown, head of technical operations for eNews Channel.

Group Head of News, Patrick Conroy, says: “We are very disappointed that the switch over took so long. We have redundancy lines in place for just this kind of problem and should never have been off air. We have received numerous complaints from viewers, which is entirely understandable.’

A full report is being drawn up by eNews and e.tv engineers ahead of the matter being raised with DStv’s management.


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