Samsung’s Africa specific campaign


On 15 August this year, Samsung kicked off its SurgeSafe TV campaign in Africa with Didier Yves Drogba Tebily, an Ivorian football star who currently plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League.

As Africa is known for its unstable power supply, Samsung strengthened surge-resistant features of its regional flagship models – 32-inch LCD and LED TVs.
The TV commercials began to air during prime time TV and satellite broadcasting which covers 49 Sub-Saharan African countries, including Nigeria and Kenya, and have been well received by consumers.

The ads effectively deliver the advantages of Samsung’s SurgeSafe TV where football-game lovers who own Samsung’s SurgeSafe TV enjoy matches seamlessly while others have their viewing experience disrupted by sudden power surges.

In addition to the TV campaign, Samsung has placed advertising materials which contain Drogba’s images in major brand shops and large retailer shops and also offered various buying options for consumers which include home theatre systems, DVD players as well as SurgeSafe TVs.

Samsung anticipates that this SurgeSafe TV campaign and related marketing activities will enhance its mid and long-term market leadership in Africa as the “high-quality premium TV’ brand and encourage the existing CRT TV owners to replace their CRT TVs with flat-panel TVs such as LCD and LED TVs—contributing to the expansion of the overall African TV market going forward.


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