The rise of data


Entertainment can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection. It also means information is more readily accessible. But pure data has never really competed with online entertainment, until recently that is.

Graphic designers are using animation to portray the facts in ways that are incredibly engaging. Infographics or data visualisation has become a staple of cash strapped aid and environmental organisations needing to engage and activate viewers. Where a pamphlet was used to illustrate their cause and the effect one could have by donating money or making a change, now that information can be expressed poignantly in flash animated film and shared with the world ensuring far greater results.

More and more companies are employing designers to animate their business manifestos, training programmes, achievements and the like, and economists and sociologists have ditched Power Point for this far more engaging medium, often transferring their presentations straight to the world wide web.

Suddenly the facts aren’t so tedious. They’re impactful, astonishing and sometimes mindblowing and if funny cat videos are the staple of the web surfer’s diet, here’s something to balance things out.


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