Afrikaans films fare well at box office


There are two new Afrikaans-language films currently on the South African circuit. The candid camera movie, Ek Joke Net (29 prints), has made just under R1m after two weeks of release, while the period drama, Roepman (2 prints), has made R2.1m in six weeks.

Ek Joke Net made the number nine spot on the Combined Top 10 for the week 24 to 30 June.

Biggest earners over the weekend were the Hollywood blockbusters Kung Fu Panda 2 (including 3D) (100 prints) and Green Lantern (including 3D) (89 prints) – they made R4.4m and R3.7m respectively.

Bridesmaids (56 prints), which is already the highest grossing female-skewed R-rated comedy ever, made R1.9m in its first weekend in South Africa.

The Hangover 2 (64 prints) has made R14.5m after five weeks of release, while Pirates of the Caribbean (47 prints) has made R22.5m after six weeks. (Figures supplied by SAFACT)


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