SABC statement on wage negotiations


The SABC and organised labour commenced wage and substantive negotiation during April 2011. Preliminary discussions were held on the 20th of April 2011. In these discussions, the ground rules and process to be followed was agreed on and an external chairperson appointed.

Further meetings were held on the 5th, 6th, 13th, as well as the 30th and 31st of May 2011. In these meetings, the parties deliberated on various aspects that included basic salary increase, housing, and other substantive issues. After lengthy deliberations on the initial offer and counter proposals, as well as consultation with stakeholders to refresh mandates, the parties have reached a deadlock.

At the deadlock stage, parties placed their final positions as follows:

SABC                                                                                       Organized Labour

Basic Salary                                        7,07%

Basic Salary                                                   10,5%

Housing                                            R 1350.00

Accepts: R 1350 but to consult with members                  

Collapsing of Scale code  409 and 408 to 407  

Collapsing of Scale code 409 and 408 to 407

Percentage of total offer                  8,5%

Percentage of total demand                      11,93%

A task team will be formed to deal with other substantive matters.

In line with the recognition agreements and dispute resolution mechanisms in place, the SABC will initiate discussions with organised labour to try and resolve the impasse. The process for such discussion is embedded in the signed recognition agreements by parties and is as follow:
Dispute Resolution Process

1.      Stage One
The Party/Parties to the agreements must first reach a deadlock and a dispute must be registered.

2.      Stage two
Within five (5) working days, the parties to the dispute must convene a dispute resolution meeting to try and resolve the matter.

3.      Stage three
If unresolved, such a dispute may be referred to the CCMA and/or Labour Court.

The SABC is still confident that through the dispute resolution process outlined, the parties can reach an amicable agreement and continue to focus on the important task of the Turnaround Strategy.


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