World first voter education game show


The first South African game-show to promote democracy will start on SABC2 on Saturday 7 May at 12:30pm. The Right To Win presents a new approach to civic and voter education in a game-show format.

The 13 episodes of The Right To Win is produced by Kagiso TV and Communications and Endemol SA for SABC Education and the Independent Electoral Commission’s civic and democracy education campaign.

The show will be hosted by experienced theatre and television actor Aubrey Poo and aims to educate people about South Africa’s unique democracy and the importance of understanding the Constitution, especially the Bill Of Rights.

According to a statement the show will take contestants through three rounds of interactive games that test their knowledge and makes voter education engaging.
“The show will create an awareness of constitutional rights for people who don’t have access to that kind of information.  The show does that in a fun and exciting way while challenging contestants and people sitting at home to use their thinking caps,’ says Poo.

Contestants will have to answer a series of questions about democracy, race each other to build a “house of democracy’, and finally debate a controversial issue inspired by issues taken from living democracies.  The final winner is chosen by the audience and will receive prize money of R10 000.


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