IEC ads that inspire patriotism


Grant De Sousa of Blue Panther Films has directed a series of three 30-second commercials for the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) “Love your South Africa’ campaign, which aims to encourage South African citizens to vote in the 2011 municipal elections. The ads will be screened on SABC and in the run-up to the 18 May elections.

De Sousa used inspirational themes to evoke patriotism in a nostaligic, authentic form. He instills a feeling of pride and belonging amongst South Africans with his reference to relatable, easily recognisable imagery and messaging. The first in the series of adverts depicts an old man referring to “his park’ and his memories of his wife with whom he shared many happy first moments in the park.

The second commercial portrays jazz musician Abdullah Ibrahim’s journey on a tour bus, and shows how the Cape township of Manenberg inspired his famous song. He goes on to talk about the early, nostalgic days there and how he cast his first vote in Manenberg.

“In both these ads we aimed to inspire citizens to “love where they live’, and relate to places in an emotional and symbolic manner,’ says De Sousa. “The idea is to illustrate that places have a major impact on our lives, and we as South Africans should not take the municipal elections lightly if we value the places where we come from’.

The third commercial appeals to a younger audience in a more contemporary setting. It shows a young girl’s dream to become a famous singer, and the faith her community puts in her to one day achieve her dream. It ends off the campaign in an optimistic, hopeful manner – encouraging young South Africans to vote if they want to make a difference to their future.

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris for the opportunity to have been part of such a brilliant campaign,’ concludes Warren Meltz, executive producer of Blue Panther Films.

The individual “Love your South Africa’ commercials can be viewed at:
My Park
Abdullah Ibrahim’s Mannenberg
Rising Star


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