International screenwriting competition


The Bluecat Fellini International Screenwriting Awards has announced a call for resubmissions for its competition. Anyone resubmitting their script has a chance to win an all-expenses-trip to the 2011 “Screenplay Live!” in Rochester, New York, as well as $250 in cash.

In addition, the winner will have the rare opportunity to see a group of professional actors perform their work in a live, staged reading at the 360|365 George Eastman House Film Festival.

“Resubmitting your script will garner a new analysis and a new numerical score used to judge your screenplay. During the resubmission process, writers will be allowed to choose their reader. You can opt for one of your original readers or request a completely new reader.

“Additionally, you will be able to use your new score to replace one of your previously received scores. For example, if you received a 50 and a 45 as your original scores, then you receive a 48 for your resubmission, you can replace your lower score (45), with your new score, resulting in a 50 and a 48,’ say the organisers.

The resubmission deadline is 1 April. The resubmission fee is $40.

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