Keith Rose to chair Film Craft Lions Jury


The Film Craft category, launched in 2010 to award Cannes Lions to films based on the quality of the direction, copywriting, cinematography or editing as well as the skilful use of music, sound design or animation, will this year be chaired by Keith Rose, Director and Founding Partner of Velocity Films in South Africa.

An award winner at every major show, including several Gold Lions, Keith was selected by shots as one of their “100 Top Creative Minds of All Time” and accredited by Campaign magazine to be among the top five directors globally. He is said to push for the essence of the idea, and seems to know in advance if it will work visually.

Commenting on his role, Keith Rose remarked, “Was it done in camera? Was it done in post? Who knows? Craft and techniques have developed to such an extent that it is impossible to decode unless there’s a “making of” to view. One thing I am certain of… if the technique used doesn’t compliment or enhance the concept, it amounts to nothing. Technique for techniques sake is futile. A weak story glossed over by a fancy execution is still a weak story. I very much look forward to judging this year’s Film Craft Lions category at Cannes.”


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