SA animation gets KidScreen nom


Bun&Bunee, the animated short series created by Johannesburg-based company Luma, has been nominated in Best Animated Series: Family Category at the KidScreen Awards in the USA.

This series of one-minute 3D animated shorts features big brother Bun and little brother Bunee, whose inquisitive streaks land them and their friends in trouble on regular occasions. 

Bun&Bunee first aired in South Africa on SABC3 in 2009 with 52 episodes. The show then secured international distribution and sales to Disney XD Latin America and BBC MyToons. The

Luma MD Paul Meyer says: "We are extremely happy that our series has received so much love and attention from our American peers. What started out as a simple idea with a bit of an edgy sense of humour, has now obviously been recognised as a quality product worthy of this prestigious nomination.

"The characters were created as simply as possible from a design perspective, while strong comedic storylines were developed. The result was two bunny brothers and a group of friends having a series of short misadventures for the entertainment of the entire family. It is like Saturday morning cartoon meets 3D anime-style characters."

Meyer goes on to say that a simple, clever and off-beat idea, made with love, can definitely get the attention of audiences around the world. “It’s our little animated piece of South African awesomeness that has the Americans laughing," he comments.

The KidScren Awards ceremony takes place on Thursday, 17 February at the KidScreen Summit in New York.

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