Top Gear targets Albania


Hot on the heels of offending the Mexican ambassador in London (and quite probably any Mexican nationals watching the show) last week, the hit, personality-driving motoring series Top Gear has now branded Albania with a mafia stereotype.

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond was in hot water last week for characterising Mexicans as “lazy, feckless, flatulent and overweight’ and this week, according to The Guardian, co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson “joked’ extensively about how Albania is a nest of mafia car thieves. Clarkson was, however, complimentary about Albania’s scenic beauty.

In the meantime the BBC has apologised to the Mexican ambassador.

One shudders to think what Hammond and Clarkson and their co-presenter James May will say about South Africa when the Top Gear team arrives here in mid-March for the Top Gear Festival.


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