SABC launches child protection initiative


The SABC announced its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) campaign, Hold My Hand  at the SABC’s head office in Johannesburg on Friday, 5 November. The aim of this initiative is to address the social ills that currently exist within South African society, especially in relation to children, says the SABC.

South Africa is regarded as one of the leading countries in the world that have cases of neglect towards its children, says the SABC press statement. It is against this background that the SABC is taking a lead in spearheading a campaign to address the plight of South African children.

Joyce Dube, SABC CSI project manager, says: “South Africa is not a child friendly country. We want to change that uncaring mindset.  Hold my Hand will be a Radio and Television campaign that will highlight the plight of children: rapes, murders, abuses, child headed households, children from dysfunctional families, children on our streets, child trafficking, child prostitution, child labour and any form that needs citizens to protect our children from poverty, abuse, crime, drugs and other ills.’

The SABC’s Hold My Hand campaign intends to become the goodwill ambassadors of vulnerable children working with Government, NGO’s, Foundations, Corporate SA, the SAPS, National Child Welfare, Civil Society,  Educational Institutions, and all those that seek to protect the rights of an African child.

The National Public Service Broadcaster through its CSI department has in the past supported and partnered with various stakeholders in initiatives  such as Community Builder of the Year with the Sowetan and Old Mutual, Child Headed Household with AMAHA and Department of Health, Haiti Earthquake Disaster Fund with Independent Publications (The Star) and ABSA  to name but a few.


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