Christmas heralds a King Pie campaign


Christmas campaign for  pie franchise, King Pie, launches on 7 November  2010 on the channel.  The campaign was devised by advertising Agency five0six, and features Capetonian singer Auriol Hays.

“We have done a lot of research around the King Pie Brand, and have found that we need to further emphasise the premium quality of King Pie to the target market. We also need to start recognising the fact that our consumer is placed further into the higher LSM levels and our communication needs to reflect this’ notes Jeanne Geldenhuys chief operating officer of King Pie.

Auriol Hays voice has wide appeal and she was a natural choice in terms of what King Pie wants to convey through the commercial, says Geldenhuys. “She is one of the best voices to come out of South Africa’ says Nicholas Kuhne, marketing manager of King Pie, “and as soon as we saw her we knew we wanted to have her as the star of our commercial.’

Advertising agency five0six took this talent, in line with the brand strategy, added the “fun element of Christmas’ and carefully crafted the commercial. Andre Scheepers composed the music that the concept centres around, and the  commercial was directed by Johnny Cohen.

Producer, Darren Gordon, found the location at the Didata Forum, creating the New York Christmas setting. The Christmas Tree took five hours to erect, with a full day required to dress the set. Hays and 5 dwarves feature in the commercial, shot on the RED Mysterium HD Camera.


Auriol has recently returned from the Montreaux Jazz Festival and has just released her debut album “Behind Closed Doors’.


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