Post World Cup campaign


With South Africa facing the very real possibility of experiencing post World Cup blues once the Fifa tournament ends on 11 July, Draftfcb has launched a national “Fly the Flag’ campaign to retain the energy and passion unleashed by the 2010 spectacular.

The agency and all its staff in South Africa’s three biggest cities have committed to wave the South African flag for 30 days after the final World Cup whistle has blown and it is challenging its clients, our suppliers and fellow countrymen to do the same.

According to Draftfcb South Africa Group CEO, John Dixon, the agency will actively enlist the support of the country’s most loved brands to extend the sense of achievement and self-belief the nation has achieved over the past few weeks. 

“There are several damn good reasons to go on celebrating,’ said Dixon. “And the best way to do this is with our awesome flag. The flag has not actually been a symbol of our soccer enthusiasm but a symbol of our enthusiasm for ourselves and of what we can accomplish.

“We showed the world our true colours. And we showed our guests true African hospitality. But most importantly, we showed ourselves that with one spirit, we can do anything. At the end of our post World Cup campaign we urge everyone to create a Minute of Noise for South Africa by trumpeting with our famous vuvuzelas, hooting the horns on our “chorries’, whistling, yelling, shouting. This will send a clear and loud message to the rest of the world: Africa’s time has come, South Africa’s time has come.’

To kick off the campaign, Draftfcb has spoken to its clients to initiate massive internal staff drives celebrating South Africa and reinforce a sense of pride in its World Cup achievement.

It has also shown clients how the concept can translate into their existing advertising and marketing campaign using a flag-inspired device, and is currently compiling a manual detailing how other companies and brands can similarly join in. Lexus became the first brand to join the agency in its bid to fly the flag by agreeing to include the device developed by Draftfcb in all three of its television commercials it will be running during the period.

In addition, the agency is recording a song it will distribute to the country’s radio stations, and investigating ways to get the flag flown high over South Africa’s cities in the month ahead.

Dixon urged corporate South Africa to show the country and the world that the end of the World Cup, is our beginning.
Any company wanting to join the Fly the Flag initiative can obtain the necessary artwork and accompanying details from Draftfcb Johannesburg using the following telephone number and asking for Heidi Nelson +27 11 566-6000 or by emailing


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