SABC to “normalise’ content commissioning


The SABC issued a media statement on 16 June regarding its new process for RFP (Requests for Proposals) for local programming in specific television content genres. The statement comes against the background where representatives from the independent production sector were given an undertaking by the SABC board this January that commissioning briefs would be issued by “no later than May 31 2010′.

The SABC statement said: “This is part of the process towards normalising content commissioning and procurement procedures begun under the current SABC Board.

“The SABC expects to release a comprehensive RFP Book in November 2010, after which is expects commissioning and procurement to operate in terms of established planning, commissioning and procurement procedures and cycles.

“The Board of the SABC is currently reviewing outstanding payment issues and expects these to be resolved shortly.’
The SABC has failed to issue commissioning briefs since September 2008.


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