CTO focus on Cyber security in developing countries


The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) is organising a Cyber Security Forum on 17 and 18 June, in London, in partnership with the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the UK’s Office of Cyber Security (OCS). The Cyber Security Forum will aim to create awareness of the many facets of cyber threats and alert stakeholders of the need to adopt robust Cyber security frameworks. It aims to build capacity of the key decision makers in developing countries to implement strategies aimed at preventing and responding to Cyber threats in a timely and effective manner.

The conference will provide decision makers with the means to adopt resilient technical measures, establish appropriate organisational structures and create robust legal/regulatory frameworks. It also aims to facilitate partnerships and working relationships between the different players in Cyber security to enable the flow of information, expertise and resources. Speakers at the conference are expected to include policy makers, regulators, law enforcement authorities, service providers and other stakeholders.

The forum will focus on key themes such as the state under threat, individuals and children under threat, the role of CERTs, appropriate legal frameworks for Cyber security, Cyber security through international cooperation, organisational structures for effective Cyber security and the technical responses to Cyber security and threats.

Commenting on this new venture, Bashir Patel, CTO’s Director of Programmes and Business Development, said, ‘With the internet growing at an exponential rate and currently having an estimated 1.4 billion people as its citizens, it can have far reaching influence over people, businesses and Governments. In order to establish basic protection for the users, reliability for businesses and security for the States, ethical standards in the cyberspace has to be established, legislation enacted, and enforcement implemented. The CTO has a duty to assist its members to gain the skills and competencies in order to achieve the necessary high standards to ensure a satisfactory level of Cyber security. This forum will provide stakeholders the opportunity to discuss diverse and key issues on Cyber security and crimes.’

Patel also welcomed the partnership with the UK Government through BIS and OCS, in organising this forum. “Given that Cybercrime is “borderless’, an international approach to prevent cyber threats is needed to combat cyber challenges. While it is important for developing countries to participate at the forum and gain knowledge, it is also crucial for the developed countries to provide the support in building the skills and competencies needed to ensure that the entire Cyber space is safe and secure.’

For more information on the event, please visit www.events.cto.int/CyberSecurity2010.


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