Local female-centred drama series for SABC2


One of the very few SABC commissions that was shot last year, in spite of the financial crisis at the public broadcaster and which almost brought the whole local industry to a standstill, was The Mating Game. This new 13-part series from Uhuru Productions starts transmission on 11 March on SABC2. 

Anita Khanna, writer/ producer of The Mating Game says the drama takes an intelligent but humourous look at the tricky terrain of modern romance and familial relationships, all from a female perspective. Set in Johannesburg, it features three women, Grace, Rozanne and Sara, respectively played by Maggie Benedict, Renate Stuurman and Elma Postma. They are looking for love in an environment where no one is sure whether the family model is monogamous or polygamous.

The series is highly contemporary and asks brave questions about partnerships in a world where men and women look to each other for emotional fulfillment yet no longer seem to be speaking the same language, says Khanna.

The series was shot on HD and incorporates “a stunning soundtrack of original music and tracks by up and coming local artists such as Laurie Levine and Auriol Hays. The series is a first of its kind on SABC. The seamless use of language (English, Afrikaans and Sesotho) gives it mass appeal to a crossover, generation X, audience,’ says Khanna.


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