Cape Town Film Studios fully operational in 2010


Cape Town Film Studios’ CEO Nico Dekker announced in his end of year newsletter that the studios would be fully operational in 2010.

The first phase will consist of six buildings that will now also include high-end furnished production offices, storerooms, mini factories, art departments and support buildings with star rooms, green rooms, make-up, wardrobe, AD offices and kitchens, amongst other facilities.

According to Dekker, stages 1 and 3 include production offices and support buildings and will be completed by 1 May 2010.

“The two major workshops with mini factories and storerooms totalling 6000sqm will be operational by 1 July 2010. We have now also included specialised serviced areas for tents that will have ablution facilities, chilled water for aircons, three-phase and single-phase power and that will be conducive to quick set-up, with permanent hook-up points. We are also hoping to offer high-end, super-fast broadband facilities. The total first phase, including Stages 2 and 4 with their support buildings and production offices, will be finally completed and fully operational by October 2010.’

Dekker said that to date 98 requests have been received from companies which want to permanently relocate their companies to the CTFS World.

“We are talking to a wide variety of players with regard to the further development of the film industry in our country. It is important to remember that Cape Town Film Studios does not belong only to Cape Town, but will serve South Africa, Southern Africa and the rest of Africa as a gateway for international production, as well as for the development of sustainable local production.

“The major drawcard for making films in South Africa is the fact that physical production costs are at least 50% more affordable than, for instance, Los Angeles. Added to this is our highly skilled crew, technical know-how, wide variety of locations within a 2-hour radius of Cape Town, and the film- and tourism-friendly Cape Town (our Los Angeles in Africa).’

He confirmed that CTFS remained committed to the creation of a Crew and Master Film Academy and are talking to a wide variety of possible partners both locally and internationally.


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