SA launches cellphone with TV


A new cellphone with the capacity for two SIM cards and an analogue TV receptor has been launched in South Africa, ThL Mobile said on Wednesday.
The phones will be able to receive and record ordinary television broadcasts from the SABC and without paying a subscription fee, the company said in a statement.

"The infrastructure is already in place, there are no new standards that need to be enacted and the service is free to consumers," said ThL Mobile director Corne Uys in a SAPA report.

However, due to a licensing agreement with the SABC, people who purchase the new phone will be required to get a television licence.

Uys said the use of two SIM cards would be useful for South Africans who frequently travel.

"This is good news for people that travel over our borders often as it allows them to keep their two SIM Cards in one phone, without swapping phones or SIM cards," he said.


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